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Privacy Policy


Phase 2 is Consulting Company and we usually handle confidential or private information.

Therefore we have strictly control information of personal, company, business, strategy and/or other related, also have periodical review and update of security level of all information we have kept.

We only allow to use these information as condition below;


Using Private and related information

The purposes of use of private information The Company may use private information provided by the Clients for the following purposes. In addition, The Company may disclose the information to partner companies to the extent of the intended use of information for required business after requesting the strict management of the private information. In addition, please note that the Company and the partner companies may record history relating to the Clients such as the history of response to inquiries from the Clients. Communication on business and execution of contracts for our services and the like. Management of registration information associated with the information of purchase of services (including historical information) and marketing activities (seminars, events, campaigns, newsletters, etc.). Shipment of services' brochures, prizes, printed materials, etc in business or according to the request of the Clients. Offer of the information about services of the Company, or information related to the sales and marketing activities of the Company (seminars, events, campaigns, newsletters, etc) by e-mail, regular mail, FAX or phone. Survey on the services of the Company and related business. To provide a means for identity verification, corrections and removal of register private information for the purpose of the business and marketing activities of the Company, and the activities of associated business. When the private information will be collected and used for purposes other than stated above, information will be gathered clearly expressing their intended use and contact information each time. In this case, private information collected will not be used beyond the scope of the expressed purpose.




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