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Yuichi Murano/Founder and CEO

Before Phase II, he was CEO of Inter.net that is leading worldwide internet technology company . After compiling an over 30-year track record in high technology companies. He joined several startup operations from leading-edge U.S. companies entering the Japanese market: Dataquest, Sun Microsystems, System Software Associates, Sequent Computer, Cabletron Systems, NeXT Computer, AVID Japan, Webridge Japan and Inter.net (GMO Managed Hosting), serving in each as director, president, founder, or cofounder. Currently invest and help for newly borne company as incubator and advisor.

He was known for creating and executing unique marketing strategies for these companies that were very successful. His career started at Takachiho-Koeki and Texas Instruments as an engineer, and later moved over to sales and marketing, and then CEO position. He is vice chairman of the Computer Salon, advisory of Academy Capital Investments, a member of the high tech study group, sponsored by MITI and OSSAJ (as social activities), and author of "Right Sizing Revolution".

Recently He is paying attention to new technology market which is emerging market in Japan. In order to enter this market at early stage, he bring new player through the world to Japanese market, and recently started preparation of new market entry from the Poland and the USA..
As of today, he is working to launch new SNS apps, Universal Community Site, named Ppfshu.

He holds a bachelor of engineering degree from Musashi Institute of Technology and a MSEE from the University of Colorado.


2020 Cofounder Ppfshu inc,

2017 CEO KitCheck Japan

2014 CEO PressPad Japan LLC

2009 Re-Starting Ph2 Consulting

2008 President CEO, GMO Managed Hosting K.K

2004 President CEO, Inter.net KK (Merge to GMO)

2000 President and founder, Webridge Japan K.K.

1997 President, Avid Japan K.K

1996 President, Next Computer K.K.

1994 President and founder, Cabletron Systems K.K.

1993 President of Sequent Computer Japan

1990 Sales Director & Cofounder, System Software Associates K.K.

1987 Country Marketing Manager & Co-Funder, Sun Microsystems K.K.

1984 Research Manager & Co-founder, Dataquest Japan

1979 Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments Japan


Kenji Muto/General Partner/COO

He has over 25 years of IT and Network industry experience in consulting and business operations. His areas of expertise include market research, sales, market intelligence, business planning, business development, market development, and training. He has held executive positions at leading multinational companies and startups.

The past 3 years, he also has been working as a venture consultant for Doll Capital Management, a leading Silicon Valley based venture capital. As a consultant, Kenji has been helping companies with new product market feasibility studies, sales strategy development, customer satisfaction analysis, channel partner analysis, support program development, and security vulnerabilities assessment. As a venture consultant, he has been providing hands on operation of business development for start up companies in Japan which USVC invested in.

He has been proactively involved with introduction of channel partners, technology transfer, market assessment, business feasibility analysis, operation partner evaluation, closing partnership contracts. The area of technological coverage included were encryption, network security, network video solution, network appliance, WAN optimization solution, and IPPBX. His work experience covers: Manpower Japan for biz dev, Dataquest Japan for IT consultant, Apple Japan for MI and biz dev manager, IDC Japan and Redsiren Japan for president, and also IT and VC consultant.

He graduated from Aoyama Gakuin Univ. for BS of Industrial Engineering and Management, University of Missouri for BA of Business Administration and MBA.


2020 Cofounder Ppfshu Inc.

2010 Phase II Consulting General Partner

2004 IT consultant, USVC Japan Entry Consultant

2003 Redsiren Japan President

2000 Independent IT consultant

1995 IDC Japan President

1990 Apple Computer Japan MI and biz dev. Manager

1985 Dataquest Japan Sr. Industry Analyst

1983 Manpower Japan New Business Development Manager















Masao Takahashi/Partner/CTO

Responsible for technical evaluation and testing for any high technology products governed by Phase II

He has over 25 years of extensive technological experience in information and networking fields, and has brought leading edge of technology over Japanese market, implemented and integrated technology into Japanese market. He had successful deployment of the 1st smart and efficient systems in market at several companies.

Prior to joining Phase II Consulting, he had a privately managed IT consulting firm, and technical representative of advanced RFID solutions at ODIN Technologies. He also worked for Avid technology as Technical Director and CTO positions, FORE Systems, Cabletron Systems, PepsiCo, Sun Microsystems and AIG in Japan.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration Engineering and a Master of Science degree from Keio University.


2010 Partner and CTO, Phase II Consulting Ltd.

2003 CEO, Smartnetworks (Privately Managed IT Consulting Firm)

1998 Technical Director and CTO, Avid Japan K.K.

1997 Senior Systems Engineer, FORE Systems Japan Inc

.1994 Technical Support Manager, Cabletron Systems K.K.

1992 Technical Service Manager, PepsiCo, Inc., Japan Branch

1988 MIS Supervisor and R&D Manager, Sun Microsystems K.K.

1982 MIS Engineer, AIU Insurance Co. Ltd. (AIG) Japan





David E Browning / Partner USA

David Browning has been involved with international business management for over 30 years. He spent 20 years with Citibank/Citicorp in various management positions in Asia, Europe and the U.S. David was Citicorp's CEO in Sweden, Ireland and Singapore; reestablished their World Corporation Banking Group in 10 Asian countries (based in Hong Kong), headed their National Banking Division in the U.S., created their Structured Finance Division (Syndicated Loans, Junk Bonds, Buy-outs, Takeovers, etc.) and created their Global Investment business.

After reaching the level of Executive Vice President in 1995, David left Citicorp to become an artist and engage in early-stage Internet investing. He co-founded Inter.net in 2000 with presence in 15 countries on 4 continents. He has been CEO of Inter.net Global since its creation.

David also was an early investor and served for some years on the board of Odin Technologies, one of the leading players in the rapidly emerging RFID market.

David graduated from Colorado College and has a graduate degree from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.





2012 Sr.Partner/USA Representative, Phase II Consulting

2008 Business Partner, Phase II Consulting

2008 CEO ReadSun Holding

2000 Co-founder/CEO Inter.net Global

1995 Executive Vice President, Citicorp






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