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Phase II Consulting Ltd.(PH-2) is consulting firm specialized for high technology IT market in Japan and Asia, and focus on business development for enabling early market entry. PH-2 offers unique Service for their clients not only for providing Analytical market information, Strategy and Implementation plan, but also execute Tasks till mission is completed. Nevertheless, PH-2 initiate project until certain result becomes visible for client. Our Consultants are well known industry players and have certain track record at leading high technology companies as CEO, Founder or Directors. We work closely our clients just as a your team member and act as representative in Japan.

PH-2 always enjoy working with our clients and sharing the success in the market.






Service to be offered

1, Entry Japan Consulting Project (Custom Service)

- - Phase 2 provide market survey information for potentials , market status and market competition. After survey, Phase 2 build entry Strategy and Action plan.

- - Phase 2 find business partner and sales channel , and build base of Sales and Support structure in your business.

2, Representation Service (Packaged Service)

- - Phase 2 represent on behalf of client as extended hand

3, Finding Service (Packaged Service)

- - Phase 2 find contact point for distributors or partners

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Yuichi Murano :

CEO/Owner,Partner and founder of Phase II Consulting Ltd.

Kenji Muto :

General Partner and cofounder of Phase II Consulting Ltd

Masao Takahashi :

Partner and CTO of Phase II Consulting Ltd. .

Hiro Tatejima :

Partner of Phase II Consulting Ltd.

The USA Representative

David Browning:

Partner of Phase II Consulting USA

CEO of RedSun Holdings and CEO of inter.net Global

UAE, Dubai Partner

Shuraa Management & Consultancy LLC


Phase 2 Profile and History

Phase 2 Consulting is private held company in Japan, and was started 1975 by Yuichi Murano after He graduated University of Colorado. He started own Design & Consultation business of microprocessor based electronics controller systems. After He joined Texas Instruments, Phase 2 operation became just window of personal business.

Since then, Phase 2's activities are interface to the USA High Tech company who are coming to Japanese market, and Phase 2 (Yuichi Murano) become leader of those Japanese subsidiary to enter Japanese market. As result, all of those companies are very successful and build foundation in Japanese operations.

Since 2008, Phase 2 added members and preparing to start Consultation activities. In 2010 Phase 2 is fully focusing Consultation business as well as Today.

Phase 2's Objective is

to ease of business in Japan with minimum cost and risk, and share success.




Our Partners in worldwide

Red Sun Partners http://redsunpartners.com/

Inter.net Global (Internet Service) http://www.inter.net/

Academy Capital (Venture Capital) http://www.academy-ci.com/

SirGent Co,LTD Japan(IT Consulting) http://www.sirgent.com/

Leading Quest inc.( IT Development) http://www.leadingquest.com/

PressPad Japan ( E-Publication Service Provider) http://presspad.jp/

FiveTechonology Co.,LTD ( OnLine Storage Service) http://www.5tec.jp/

Atrris Corporation ( Enterprise System Development) http://www.atrris.com/

ifconfig, Inc ( Network Consultant, IT Development) http://www.ifcongig.jp/

Minera ISP LLC.( Geographic Survey/Development) http://www.mineraisp.com/

Shuraa Management & Consultancy LLC (Partner in Dubai) http://www.shuarr.com/

KitCheck Japan. ( RFID Medical Tray management) http://kitcheck.jp/



Research Lab

Kanagawa Lab.  Hakone-Machi、Kanagawa、Japan

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