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Our Consulting Process


Our Process of Consulting is unique, because of we provide clear steps which clients think worth it to do.

Consultation process is very right forward way and every steps are clearly defined and move forward next step with consensus to clients.

Phase 2 Consulting provides exclusive customized consultation services for new market entry into Japan and Asia. Ph2 focuses specifically on Sales & Marketing - targeting IT-related companies - and provides clients with more than just strategy through its proactive involvement in implementing all projects. All Ph2 members are well recognized within the industry and are directly involved in Project Management and Execution with clients. This is one of the major reasons why Ph2 can help you in maximizing your revenues and market share penetration.

Strategy Development and Implementation to Japan and Asia market
Market Trend, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis,Market View
Sales Channel Analysis, Prospects development
Action and Follow up

Internet and Information Technology Market
Communication infrastructure(Software,Hardware)
Network Technology
Network Application
Data Processing(Software,Hardware)
CPU, Storage, ERP,SCM,BI,DB Application

Service Program
Consulting Service (Customized Proposal)
Management Service(Decision Cycle, Speed management、HR Strategy, IT Strategy)
Marketing and Sales Strategy Development and Implementation for IT Business
Market Access(Sales and Manufacturing)、Market Research、Sales and Marketing Strategy Development and Support
Management Service for Start up
Advisory Service
Inquiry Service, Short Consultation, Telephone Support

Consulting Process   Detail


A four-step consulting process has been designed to ensure that all client requirements, project reviews, and assessments are well understood by both parties. Clients and Ph2 consultants interactively work on projects to ascertain whether a project is moving forward under mutual consensus and understanding. Clients can monitor progress at each stage, prior to reaching the final stages. Each step is designed to understand a clients needs through Special Project Reviews & Assessments. Comprehensive Ph2 consulting procedures make certain that our clients get the quickest and most cost effective results.


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